COUPLES: For more than 15 years I have been working with couples using a tool called Prepare/Enrich, which is a research-based inventory and assessment that can help couples prepare for marriage or enrich a relationship at any point along the way. Transitions offer great opportunities for deeper conversations that can get consumed by daily life. I can facilitate this process with any couple who wants to be intentional about the future of their relationship, including same-sex or opposite-sex or non-binary couples, of any religious background or none. If you're looking for a way to check in with each other and see where life is inviting you to grow together, this approach could be a good fit for you. To hear more, and see how this differs from marital counseling, book a free 30-minute consultation with me on Calendly. (As an ordained ELCA minister, I can legally officiate weddings and would be happy to talk with you about that too.)

FAMILIES: When change affects one member, it affects the whole family! This is particularly true when a teenager or young adult is discerning their choices for education and work. Having worked with many college students on discernment, and knowing the anxiety it brings for parents in particular, I can help your whole family approach that discernment process with a greater sense of peace and connection. I can offer tools for coping with the anxiety together and seeing the journey as an adventure to live rather than a series of problems to solve. To see if this kind of coaching could help your family, book a free 30-minute consultation with me on Calendly.